Top 5 fitness trends of 2019 so far

Fitness is everywhere in 2019 and we love it!

You can’t drive a mile down the road without passing runners, cyclists, gyms or sports groups. With everybody of all shapes and sizes having a go at losing that excess winter weight or trying to pack on a bit of muscle for summer which is only just round the corner!

But with so many new and upcoming fitness trends people aren’t just going for the typical treadmill run in 2019 or even just trying the basic healthy eating approach; people are looking for more!

People are going for new approaches this year and we’re going to share them with you!

So what are the biggest fitness trends in 2019 so far?

The Keto diet

In terms of nutrition, the keto(genic) diet has been a huge talking point of 2019 so far. With constant discussions of the dietary topic on the Joe Rogan experience podcasts and a lot of big results have been claimed because of this diet.

So what is a ketogenic diet?

To try put it simply, it is a low carb, high fat diet. But a little different to a few of your other diets with similar diet structures like the Atkins diet.

The idea of the ketogenic diet is to drastically cut out all carbohydrates and replace them with fats. This in theory should creates a metabolic state in your body called Ketosis.

This process then makes it very easy for your body to burn fats for energy, creating incredible weightloss and even muscle building results, making this keto diet such a popular diet in 2019.

It apparently has many more health benefits too but I don’t want to get too caught up into it here! But if people are interested, I may take a strict keto diet and record my results in my new blogfit series and would love it if you came along for the journey.


I’m sure by now that if you’re not going down to your local box (Crossfit gym) then you would have defiantly heard people talking about Crossfit.

But if not and you’ve been living under a rock, then let me give you a quick explanation of the fast growing fitness craze.

Crossfit is very well known as the sport of fitness and for a very good reason too. With the definition of Crossfit being and I quote

A high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.

This means that it involves high intensity movements, taking on everything that you would determine being associated with the word fit.

From Olympic barbell style lifting to rope climbs and sprints that will push you to your limits! And if you really do want to try and be the best at Crossfit then the winner of the Crossfit games (the annual world championship of Crossfit) is named the fittest man or woman on earth.

Now that is a title that I like the sound of!

But please note that Crossfit is a very welcoming fitness community for any ability and any age! And I cannot stress that enough!

So if you want to make some incredible results and join a welcoming Crossfit family, then why not find your local box and go down and give this fitness trend a try.

If you want to find out a little bit about my own new Crossfit journey then feel free to check out my blogfit post.

Wearable and fitness tech

Wearable fitness technology is certainly here to stay with it becoming so much more than just a fitness fad.

A few years ago questions would be asked if you were to walk round with a watch which monitors your heart rate, the steps you’ve taken and the steps you’ve climbed.

But now it has really started to break the mould with these fitness trackers becoming very aesthetically pleasing and letting you track your great results in 2019!

The Fitbit has to be my personal favourite out of all the fitness trackers so far. With it having such a slick modern look, and it looks even better than an Apple watch in my opinion.

If you are interested in purchasing a wearable fitness tracker then I would personally recommend buying one from the Fitbit range. There are lots of lots of different manufacturers of trackers but I feel this company is the most established with their only focus being fitness trackers. If you want to take a closer look at some Fitbits then feel free to click here

But with the vast majority of people having a smart phone too, fitness apps have become so in depth and a real stepping stone to us reaching our fitness goals.

Myfitnesspal, a phone app which counts your calories, macro and micro nutrients just with the scan of your foods bar code has been a huge help to me and the app is completely free!

If you want to learn more about this app, why not check out my Myfitnesspal phone app review here and see how it helped me lose consistent weight and guided me to my fitness goals!

Working out at home

Yes you heard me right, with everybody seeming to be working harder and longer every year, working out at home is becoming very eye catching for some.

With gym membership prices going up, and our free time going down, you can see why this is becoming a bit of a fitness trend in 2019.

So why not give it a try?

Especially with the highly effective but low budget workout equipment on the market nowadays, you can really get a hard hitting workout without even leaving your home!

I’ve even made a Top 5 best home workout equipment on a low budget blog post which you can check out for some great ideas!

And don’t forget about the amount of great body weight exercises you can do at home too!

So who said getting fit had to be expensive?

Active travel holidays

Laying on a sunbed by the pool and only moving to get a drink from the free bar has always seemed like the holiday that everyone loves to go on.

But now times have changed and active travel holidays are now a big up and coming style of holiday which will now see you lose a few calories instead of gain a few in your 2019 holiday.

These holidays can include activities such as walking up the mountains, kayaking across lakes, cycling through forests and even calming yoga with magnificent views to unwind after a busy day.

Often these holidays will give you healthy but yet tasty food options too, making sure that your holiday can accompany your fitness and health needs.

Why not give a trend a try?

With 2019 having many fitness trends to try, why not pick one and get involved!

We would love to hear how you get on too, so feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts and what you might give a try if you haven’t already.

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BLOGFIT #2 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge

I’m sure many of you might know of how athletes take cold ice baths after some intense exercise, for various health related benefits. But do cold showers also have the same benefits? Well according to some studies a cold shower actually has the same benefits as the ice bath especially for some of us that aren’t quite top athletes just yet.

So I decided to do what any good blogger would do and face up to the challenge! By me doing this I hoped to really see what (if any) benefits could come from this. And of course see if it is worth while for you guys to participate at home.

So what are the benefits of a cold shower?

A cold shower has a surprising amount of benefits, so let’s give you a quick overview of them all.

  • Refines hair and skin– With hot water drying out your skin, it would only make sense to switch to cold water to tighten your cuticles and pores, which should in theory prevent them from getting clogged and seal them to stop any dirt getting in.
  • Makes you more alert– I feel like this one is probably the most obvious one of the bunch, alertness! When you get into a cold shower the shock of the cold will cause for an increase in breath, thus more oxygen will be inhaled. This process will get more blood circulating through your body causing you to be more awake and energetic then ever.
  • Improvement of the immune system and organs– Following on from the above point, the increase in blood circulation will cause your organs to pump more efficiently (especially the heart). This may even unblock any clogged arteries too! With everything working at a much better rate, you have a higher chance of fighting off any viruses with an improved immune system
  • Increased muscle recovery– With an increased blood circulation and the cold temperatures cooling your muscles. Your muscle recovery time will improve meaning you will have less chance of doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) and a much higher chance of getting back to the gym sooner!
  • Stimulates weight loss– I’m pretty sure everybody enjoyed seeing this one on the list, stimulates weight loss! Your brown fats (good fats) react to the cold by heating up, this will help aid you in weight loss!
  • Stress release– Because I don’t think you’re going to be able to think about anything else whilst standing in a freezing shower.

So now you’ve had an overview of some of the benefits, let’s see which benefits really did work and which ones were a freezing flop!

Week 1

The first week was COLD! It was an absolute nightmare of a week where I dreaded getting into every single shower! And as the week went on there was no improvement.

The first step in was awful, sending shivers down my spine and sending my breathing into immediate shock. My heavy breathing didn’t tend to get under control for what felt like minutes, but we’re probably talking about 30 seconds.

My experience of the cold showers in the first week wasn’t a nice one and I didn’t feel any amazing benefits flood into my life just yet, but I knew that would take a little time.

However I did feel a slight improvement in my muscle recovery getting into the second half of the week. The improvement wasn’t huge but none the less I did notice one!

Week 2

The second week pretty much followed the first, with it still being a painfully cold experience! Although as the showers continued I did manage to get my breathing under control sooner and noticed I adjusted to the cold much quicker aswell.

Something I also noticed was the pure adrenaline and rush of warmth you get once you get out the shower. It feels like I could jump straight onto a treadmill and run for miles, even though I just came back from my crossfit gym (box)!

Alertness was definalty high and muscle recovery was maintaing a steady improvement too. However getting myself to get in the cold shower still wasn’t getting much easier!

Week 3

I could tell that I had adjusted to the ways of the cold with hot showers now becoming a distant memory. My muscle recovery had significantly increased but alertness stayed pretty much the same throughout the challenge so far.

But for all the other benefits, I couldn’t really see any improvements yet. I thought that my skin and hair might be looking a little better but wasn’t sure if I was looking a little too closely and it was just exactly the same. But either way the improvements were very slight if there were any.

Week 4

The final week of the challenge. I was relieved that the challenge was coming to an end but I did have thoughts about continuing the process.

I knew that although the showering was still not an easy task, it was much easier then it was at the beggining! And that was what was making me contimplate to continue way after this challenge had finished.

This week I found to be just as tough as the third week, which was a little disheartening as I hoped it got a little easier every week. But that would have been too easy wouldn’t it?

So what was the overall outcome of the cold shower?

How many benefits did I notice?

Would I recommend you to try it?

The overview

This challenge was hard. Everything about it was hard. From the disappointing look on your girlfriends face when she sees that your mate downstairs has halved in size, yet again, due to the cold conditions. To the times you’re standing just outside the waters spray at the end of the shower tray, feeling like you’re taking a leap to your death, not just a leap into a cold shower.

But none the less I’d say that the overall outcome was a positive one and the benefits of the muscle recovery and alertness made it all a real success and worth it in the end!

I’m not too sure about the other positive benefits I first mentioned though, it’s a tricky one. I felt like my hair and skin had got better. But was that because I was just conciously looking out for it all the time?

My weight loss was very hard to track due to me dieting and exercising pretty much daily anyway so to know if the cold showering had any additional affects to losing Weight we shall never really know.

For the record I didn’t catch any colds or fall ill either during this challenge, but was that just a coincidence? Probably because I don’t normally fall ill too often so that too was a hard one to track.

Did I feel a release of stress? Well with this one I felt that I kind of did. With the adrenaline and alertness I felt when I got out of the showers, I felt ready to challenge anything and certainly didn’t feel the need to stress.

Maybe we’d know for sure if all of the orignal stated benefits worked over a longer period of time, and If I do decide to continue this then I’ll be sure to let you know!

But I would highly recommend you giving it ago and seeing which benefits work well for you!

I hope you enjoyed this special blogfit challenge post, and hope you got more fun out of reading it then I did trying it! If you could like, comment or share this post it would be greatly appreciated.

If you tried this challenge, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole process. And if you have any ideas for future Blogfit content please comment or get in touch at

Does dieting ever get easier?

Dieting is tough! For many it is too tough to try. For some it’s too tough to maintain. And for others it’s a painful grind. So at what point does dieting get easier if at all?

I’ve tried many diets. Some I’ve maintained for long periods of time but some I’ve also failed. But what I’ve realised is what the real road block is, is breaking the habit of poor food choices!

This road block, For me, usually comes into play at about the third to fourth week. It is the breaking point. If I manage to sustain a diet for this amount of time all of a sudden the future weeks become alot easier and all becomes alot less of a grind.

This break through is all down to breaking the bad habits I’ve adopted around eating unhealthy. Once you get the momentum of a good solid routine of healthy food choices your brain starts to forget about any alternate unhealthy ways of eating. This process is the breaking point of your diet, although it is most likely the hardest time of your diet; It is the most important!

So from my personal experience if you have struggled from maintaining diets in the past. Try put everything you’ve got into getting past that three to four week milestone, and I can promise you. You will stop battling and start working with your new diet you have set yourself up for.

If you would like any additional diet tips. Have a read of our Article it might be just what you need to keep you heading In the right direction!

If you have any of your own opinions on the matter then please comment and get involved, or get in touch with us via email

Myfitnesspal- Do I think it’s worth the hassle? (Honest review)

Myfitnesspal is a fitness app which is the absolute go to app for tracking your fitness goals. If that would be a macro nutrient goal, micro nutrient goal or even just a calorie deficit or surplus diet. Whatever your dietary tracking requirements, this app is going to be your fitness pal to help you with it!

This app will even link up with other fitness devices. For example, a fitbit. A fitbit will count your steps and will track those calories burnt and work them into your daily calorie intake etc. You can even manually type in any exercise you’ve done and calories lost and work them in. However weightlifting on the other hand will not monitor your calories, and will not work them into your daily calorie intake. But come on give the app a break, it still sounds pretty amazing right?

Well yes, even though tracking weight lifting activities is not very effective on the app, many serious weight lifters will still use the app. Because they’re on the app for their dietary needs which is just as important if not more important then just tracking a session.

So what makes it so diet effective? Being able to see what calorific and nutritional value your food has is a real eye opener and will play a crucial part in hitting your dietary goals. How do you know if you’ve got enough protein if you haven’t actually counted how much protein you’ve put into your body?

So how do you track what’s in your food? Well there is several ways to take a reading from your food. Some easier and more accurate then others but here’s a quick overview

  • Scan the barcode on your food packaging using your phone camera (In app)
  • Type in the number on your barcode
  • Search for the food on the food search bar (database)
  • Type in the nutritional information on the food packaging

All these methods will bring up the item you will be consuming or create the item you will be consuming. However how much you eat of the item will vary and may involve you weighing exactly how much you will be consuming for the most accurate results. However people do estimate but I would recommend weighing items for atleast a week or so, so you can get the feel for how things work, and how much a food weighs (I think you will be surprised with some food products).

This blog isn’t an in-depth guide into how myfitness pal works so I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of it, but I will be sure to give you a link to a good video to learn from if you haven’t yet had a go.

So no doubt about it, it all does sound like ALOT of hassle. Recording absolutly everything you put into your mouth is very time consuming and can be very tedious. So the big question is…

Is myfitnesspal worth the hassle?

In my personal experience I will say it is worth the hassle. Even though it is that extra thing to worry about in your busy day, and does bring that extra bit of work and thought into every meal you make; It is 100% worth it!

I’ve personally lost 6kg in a month due to just tracking my calories and keeping myself on a calorie deficit diet. Without tracking all my food, there is no way I could have managed to get all the correct portion sizes. And even more importantly actually know how many calories the food I was eating had in it!

I believe that this app really does give you that extra insight into the nutritional industry without spending big money to get a personal nutitionalist. So if you really are serious about your dietary needs, please download the app and have ago!

If you have your own opinion about myfitnesspal please comment and get involved, or any other queries please email

Tips for maintaining that killer diet

Diets are no doubt an amazing tool to reach any goal in your fitness journey. If that would be for gaining muscle or losing fat, dieting is going to play a huge part in it!

However, although a diet is such a great thing to do, it is no doubt a hard thing to do and even harder thing to maintain. Alot of us will eventually build up the willpower after alot of thinking and contemplating, start it and then fail with in a matter of weeks or maybe even days. Even though we are fully aware of the benefits of the chosen diet and how it can benefit you.

So how can we maintain that killer diet? Well from personal experience I can tell you that it is hard and does take some strong inner willpower at times no matter what. But I have also picked up some great tips over the years and these may be the tips you need to maintain that diet and get the killer results you want.

Don’t let yourself get too hungry. When we get too hungry, we get sloppy. It is without a doubt alot easier to drive by a mcdonalds when you’ve just filled yourself up on some healthy food choices, compared to when you’re running on empty. When we are hungry our emotions are running high and the excuses start rolling in. I’m not saying dont let yourself feel hungry again and stuff your face at every available opportunity. But if you are vulnerable to poor food choices when hungry, maybe try not to let yourself get too hungry inbetween meals. A good trick is to always keep a healthy snack in your car or in your bag at work. Dont let the hunger get the better of you!

Preparation is key. Always try to prepare your meals ahead of time and even multiple meals if you know that you will be tight for time that day. How far you plan your meals is completly up to you, some people like to cook their meals one or two meals in advance whilst others like to prepare for the week ahead. But which ever your preferred way of preparing your healthy meals, you’ve got to make sure you follow through and do it. If you’re not preparing to succeed, then you’re preparing to fail.

Clear the cupboards. Let’s be honest, craving for those snacks round the house can be a real distraction to your diet and an even bigger problem if you let those cravings get the best of you. To help keep the unhealthy snacking at bay, get rid of any unhealthy snacks in your house. This way, you won’t have any sweets staring at you day in, day out waiting for you to crumble. out of sight, out of mind!

Stay motivated. And finally, do all you can to stay motivated. We all struggle at times no matter what and sometimes just remembering why you started is all you may need to keep you going! Maybe look at some fitness role models and try to reinspire yourself. Or maybe just looking at how far you’ve came is all you need to give you that extra push of momentum.

Hopefully these tips will help you out next time you find yourself struggling and reaching for those takeaway menus. These are only some tips that might help you out, if you think I’ve missed any then please comment and share. Just might be what somebody needs for that extra push!

Where to start in the overwhelming world of fitness?

The Fitness Industry today is unfortunatly a place full of crooks and money grabbing thieves flogging anything they can to make you feel like you’re heading on the right track. Although it feels all abit overwhelming with what works, what doesn’t and how much bang are you really getting for your buck with alot of products out there. Let’s just strip it all back and start from the basics and get you moving in the right direction!

There’s alot of talks about what diet works best, what fitness plan to approach and what supplements you need to reach your fitness goals. But most of these things come along gradually through your fitness journey if at all and only should be taken seriously when you’re ready for it.

To make real long term progress in the fitness world you have to be able to maintain a whole bunch of healthy habits. If these can’t be maintained consistently then progress will slump and your motive will slump even sooner. So how does a novice manage to pick up these healthy habits of workouts and healthy diets without it being an overwhelming procedure?

You must take it all back to the basics, forget your strict diet, and your overloading gym schedule. Forget buying those overpriced supplements and the very best running shoes you can get your hands on. And most importantly stop comparing your chapter 1 of your journey to somebody else’s chapter 11!

Try to make gradual changes for the better, so try having a serving of veg and fruit everyday. Don’t scare yourself with topics such as macro and micro nutrients just yet, Just try to get the basics down first and more complex things will follow and so will great results! If you’re new to the gym, don’t go too hard too early. Take your time, get your body and mind adjusted first and embrace the whole gym goers attitude. My advice would be to go twice a week and slowly build up your confidence until you feel that you’re ready to go more often; but all in your own time!

The Fitness world can be overwhelming sometimes with people telling you what’s the wrong and right way to do things. But just remember to start at your own pace and make sure you get the basics down first before you start moving onto the more complex things in the fitness world.


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