The Best Ways To Stay Motivated To The Gym

Before we all went to the gym, we had to get ourselves motivated to go in the first place. We slowly built up our motivation until one day we had reached a point where enough was enough, and we all went out to our local gyms in search for a new way of life.

Maybe you stopped seeing motivating results as quick as you used to, or perhaps you have just got so tired of your same gym routine that you start thinking, whats the point?

So what happens when over time, that motivation just starts to fade?

Well its your duty to not let it fade and that is why I’m going to share with you some of the best ways I keep myself motivated and hopefully will keep you motivated too!

Remember why you started in the first place

What was the reason that you got up off your butt and went down to the gym in the first place?

What was that initial drive, that spark that made you want to make change?

We all might have different reasons for this, or maybe even a collection of different reasons.

My reasons were that I didn’t want to be just an average Joe, I wanted to be more than that. But also wanted to make sure that I was fit and healthy for many years to come so I could enjoy life to its full potential.

Hopefully taking a step back and just having a think about the reasons behind why you started the gym in the first place, might help you to keep moving forward and help you find reasoning in your actions again.

Look how far you’ve come not how far you have to go

Don’t be disheartened because you might not be where you want to be currently.

Take a step back and look at the progress you have already made!

Progress big or small is huge because you are better than who you were before. Not worst, not the same but better and that is an incredible achievement.

So give yourself a big pat on the back and keep moving foward.

Finding motivation on Youtube

Youtube is the home of motivation, it is literally overflowing with the stuff.

Just search for gym motivation and it will come up with some incredibly well made videos which will get you so pumped to go down to the gym that you will start to wonder why you ever even started lacking in motivation in the first place!

And if you don’t believe me, then just give this short video a watch…

Using Pinterest to motivate us

If you are not too familiar with pinterest, its a free social media platform made for people with a passion and love for ideas. If that is getting ideas for your home gym, or even filling your boards (profile pages) with motivating gym content, it is a great place to inspire you or other people.

Why not check out our pinterest page and check out all our motivational fitness related boards?

Read or Listen to audio books for motivation and knowledge

If you like to read books the old fashioned way or like me enjoys listening to audio books then this is a great way to keep you inspired and constantly motivated to go to the gym.

You may even learn something valuable which could lead to improved progression or even a happier time at the gym.

But if you are one of those people who are adamant that reading books just isn’t for them, then please give an audio book a try.

The beautiful thing about an audio book is that you can listen anywhere whilst doing anything!

The place where I get all my listening done is in my car to and from work. This time would usually involve me day dreaming listening to radio DJ’s talk rubbish for an hour but now is a time filled with motivation and knowledge all on the subject of fitness.

So if you reckon you haven’t got time to give a book a listen then think again!

If you are interested in giving a book a try but are unsure in which book to choose from then why not check out my personal favourite at the moment, The worlds fittest book.

This book is an incredible read (or listen) and I cant recommend it to you enough! It has taught me so much about fitness and how to improve myself in ways that I would have never thought about myself.

If you do want to check it out then click here, with options to get a paperback or audio book version (the version I currently own).

Find motivation here at Cre8tiveclassfitness

We can send you to some great places to find motivation but it would be quite unfair on ourselves to not include us on your list of ways to stay motivated to the gym.

Our page has plenty of great motivational tips and fitness tricks that we hope will help you on your fitness journey.

So feel free to have a browse of our site and sign up to our free newsletter for updates on new content and free competitions to be entered into!

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