Top 5 fitness trends of 2019 so far

Fitness is everywhere in 2019 and we love it!

You can’t drive a mile down the road without passing runners, cyclists, gyms or sports groups. With everybody of all shapes and sizes having a go at losing that excess winter weight or trying to pack on a bit of muscle for summer which is only just round the corner!

But with so many new and upcoming fitness trends people aren’t just going for the typical treadmill run in 2019 or even just trying the basic healthy eating approach; people are looking for more!

People are going for new approaches this year and we’re going to share them with you!

So what are the biggest fitness trends in 2019 so far?

The Keto diet

In terms of nutrition, the keto(genic) diet has been a huge talking point of 2019 so far. With constant discussions of the dietary topic on the Joe Rogan experience podcasts and a lot of big results have been claimed because of this diet.

So what is a ketogenic diet?

To try put it simply, it is a low carb, high fat diet. But a little different to a few of your other diets with similar diet structures like the Atkins diet.

The idea of the ketogenic diet is to drastically cut out all carbohydrates and replace them with fats. This in theory should creates a metabolic state in your body called Ketosis.

This process then makes it very easy for your body to burn fats for energy, creating incredible weightloss and even muscle building results, making this keto diet such a popular diet in 2019.

It apparently has many more health benefits too but I don’t want to get too caught up into it here! But if people are interested, I may take a strict keto diet and record my results in my new blogfit series and would love it if you came along for the journey.


I’m sure by now that if you’re not going down to your local box (Crossfit gym) then you would have defiantly heard people talking about Crossfit.

But if not and you’ve been living under a rock, then let me give you a quick explanation of the fast growing fitness craze.

Crossfit is very well known as the sport of fitness and for a very good reason too. With the definition of Crossfit being and I quote

A high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.

This means that it involves high intensity movements, taking on everything that you would determine being associated with the word fit.

From Olympic barbell style lifting to rope climbs and sprints that will push you to your limits! And if you really do want to try and be the best at Crossfit then the winner of the Crossfit games (the annual world championship of Crossfit) is named the fittest man or woman on earth.

Now that is a title that I like the sound of!

But please note that Crossfit is a very welcoming fitness community for any ability and any age! And I cannot stress that enough!

So if you want to make some incredible results and join a welcoming Crossfit family, then why not find your local box and go down and give this fitness trend a try.

If you want to find out a little bit about my own new Crossfit journey then feel free to check out my blogfit post.

Wearable and fitness tech

Wearable fitness technology is certainly here to stay with it becoming so much more than just a fitness fad.

A few years ago questions would be asked if you were to walk round with a watch which monitors your heart rate, the steps you’ve taken and the steps you’ve climbed.

But now it has really started to break the mould with these fitness trackers becoming very aesthetically pleasing and letting you track your great results in 2019!

The Fitbit has to be my personal favourite out of all the fitness trackers so far. With it having such a slick modern look, and it looks even better than an Apple watch in my opinion.

If you are interested in purchasing a wearable fitness tracker then I would personally recommend buying one from the Fitbit range. There are lots of lots of different manufacturers of trackers but I feel this company is the most established with their only focus being fitness trackers. If you want to take a closer look at some Fitbits then feel free to click here

But with the vast majority of people having a smart phone too, fitness apps have become so in depth and a real stepping stone to us reaching our fitness goals.

Myfitnesspal, a phone app which counts your calories, macro and micro nutrients just with the scan of your foods bar code has been a huge help to me and the app is completely free!

If you want to learn more about this app, why not check out my Myfitnesspal phone app review here and see how it helped me lose consistent weight and guided me to my fitness goals!

Working out at home

Yes you heard me right, with everybody seeming to be working harder and longer every year, working out at home is becoming very eye catching for some.

With gym membership prices going up, and our free time going down, you can see why this is becoming a bit of a fitness trend in 2019.

So why not give it a try?

Especially with the highly effective but low budget workout equipment on the market nowadays, you can really get a hard hitting workout without even leaving your home!

I’ve even made a Top 5 best home workout equipment on a low budget blog post which you can check out for some great ideas!

And don’t forget about the amount of great body weight exercises you can do at home too!

So who said getting fit had to be expensive?

Active travel holidays

Laying on a sunbed by the pool and only moving to get a drink from the free bar has always seemed like the holiday that everyone loves to go on.

But now times have changed and active travel holidays are now a big up and coming style of holiday which will now see you lose a few calories instead of gain a few in your 2019 holiday.

These holidays can include activities such as walking up the mountains, kayaking across lakes, cycling through forests and even calming yoga with magnificent views to unwind after a busy day.

Often these holidays will give you healthy but yet tasty food options too, making sure that your holiday can accompany your fitness and health needs.

Why not give a trend a try?

With 2019 having many fitness trends to try, why not pick one and get involved!

We would love to hear how you get on too, so feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts and what you might give a try if you haven’t already.

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