Top 5 best home workout equipment (for building muscle and burning fat) on a low budget

Gyms are expensive, and if you have got the cash then sometimes we just haven’t got the time.So sometimes a home workout is our best option and especially with the amount of low cost, highly effective equipment there is out there.So here are the best tried and tested home gym equipment at a great price so you can still get a great workout done, without even leaving your house!

1. H&S Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller With Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat

ab rollerIf you want to give yourself a real killer ab workout then this is the tool for the job. This slick ab roller with duel wheels really looks the part, but is also built very well giving you a trusty weapon to hit those abs hard!In this small bundle you also get a comfy mat to rest your knees on which I feel is a real nice touch and especially for the price.I found this product on amazon for a very fair price of £9.99 and couldn’t find it anywhere cheaperIf you’d like to take a closer look I’ll leave the link just below.

2. Body Sculpture Body Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

pull up barThere is no better way to get a bad ass back then mastering pull ups. So to be able to master them by simply hooking the bar to your door frames at home insane!Whats makes this in particular product even better is you don’t need to fix into any holes or doors. And if you are curious that if hooking this onto your door frame may cause any damage, I can say that from experience with my own at home that it really doesn’t, not even a mark!You can even place the product on the floor and use as push up grips if you wish, although i wouldn’t get this product alone for that reason.This product was found at an amazing price of £11.99 which is why it is an incredible piece of equipment to get for that sort of price!If you’d like to take a closer look I’ll leave the link just below.

3. RDX Sandbag Weight Training Power Bag with Handles & Zipper

sandbagsIf you haven’t tried sandbag training then it is a must! You can now train like a trooper right from the comfort of your own home and give yourself the workout of your life!Sandbags are perfect for circuit training and will push you to your absolute limits. With plenty of different exercises you can do with a sandbag, you really do get some great bang for your buck!I would advise getting maybe 1 or 2 sandbags of different weights depending on how strong and fit you are. But also how much you money you are willing to spend too will probably play a factor too!We will be releasing an in depth look into sandbag workouts soon so please, if you haven’t already, sign up to our free newsletter for the latest Cre8tiveclass news, special offers and competitions sandbags vary in price from £21.99-£35.99 depending on weight. These may be slightly more costly then some of the other equipment mentioned but when its a great alternative for medicine balls, Dumbbells and Barbells I feel like its worth every penny!If you’d like to take a closer look I’ll leave the link just below.

Beast Rope by Beast Gear – Speed Skipping Rope

skipping ropeAs some of you may already know, I take part in Crossfit. So to have a skipping rope in my top 5 list was a no brainer!Skipping ropes should be your go to home gym equipment if you want to quickly burn a few calories or even add into a circuit for impressive fat burning results!And for the price of ropes, you really can’t go wrong! Although you can get cheaper ropes elsewhere, and you are on a budget, I advise getting a quality made rope like this one.As this should be your favourite and perhaps your most highly used piece of home gym equipment, I feel like spending just a little bit more might go along way!You can get this rope for £12.97 which I think we can all agree is a great price for a weapon of fat destructionIf you’d like to take a closer look I’ll leave the link just below.


stepperThis 3 level stepper goes hand in hand with your sand bag so I how could I possibly leave it out? Using a weighted object (or no weight) on your shoulders, step up and down this for a very harsh leg workout! Why not try jumping on and off the platform if you want an even to make it even harder?You can even place your feet half on the edge and perform calf raises so you really will get a painful leg workout without leaving the house!This stepper can even come in as an ab worker as well , by laying on your back and with your feet placed on the stepper at your desired height. You can perform alternative ways of doing situps/crunches to add to your ab workout!This multi functional stepper is priced at £20.99 which is a great price for a piece of calf killer equipment!If you’d like to take a closer look I’ll leave the link just below.


I really hope that these pieces of home gym equipment will fit right into your home workout regime, But also without burning a hole through your wallet either.

I carefully selected this equipment because It will give you an upper body, lower body, core and even a cardio workout for significantly less then a lot of home gym equipment out there.

I hope this has been a real help to you! Feel free to join our newsletter for updates, special offers and competitions for absolutely free!

12 thoughts on “Top 5 best home workout equipment (for building muscle and burning fat) on a low budget

    • Very true, I think out of everything you would benefit the most out of a sandbag! So many exercises to do aswell! Using the stairs is a great free alternative, great piece of advice thankyou


  1. I may look into writing a post about free methods like the stairs too! If you want to keep updated then feel free to sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you informed! Thanks for your comment!


  2. This is f***** amazing list and I’m not even exaggerating! I recently bought a skipping rope and resistance tube for both home and gym uses and it’s been so good, especially for a quick cardio workout and for warming up. I’ve been looking for a pull-up bar to install too on my bedroom door and the one you’ve recommended seems like the one I exactly need. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Made my life so much easier.
    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad you enjoyed it Johnny! I wanted to find the cheapest yet most effective equipment and I hope that I accomplished that! Brilliant I do hope so, that link is the exact pull up bar I use for crossfit practise at home so I hope it also helps you for your own training and goals 🙂 If you’re interested in other similar fitness related content or have any suggestions on more content I could create. Feel free to sign up for my free newsletter to keep up to date with new content, special offers and competitions
      Hope to see you soon!


  3. I’ve been working on growing my at home workout equipment. While I do go to the gym twice a week, it’s hard for me to go every single day, and so I have some workout equipment at home. Some dumbells, weighted bands, yoga mat, jump rope and just watch a routine on my tv! I definitely want to look into adding that 3 level step though! I thought they were much more expensive! Great post xx
    Melina |

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve been slowly growing my at home workout equipment. I have dumbbells, resistance bands, jump rope and a yoga mat. I tend to watch videos on routines. I do go to the gym twice a week, but for me to try to work out almost every day i do some at home routines as well! I love the idea of adding a step with the 3 levels! Great post xxx
    Melina |

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds like you’re gathering some great equipment together! Videos are always a great idea and can really have with any tips on form! I may put together a blog on great fitness youtubers to help with fitness technique and motivation. If you’re interested in that sort of thing feel free to join my free newsletter to keep up to date and to get entered into competitions and special offers
      I’m really pleased you enjoyed the blog means alot and thankyou for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve always wanted to try out the sandbag but never got around to buying one and testing it out. It seems like it would be good for many movements and would force you to use your core when doing power lifts.
    But anyways this is an awesome article!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would highly recommend getting a sandbag, it does really help with creating a tight core too that is so true! An incredible piece of equipment. Thankyou for commenting! If you want to keep up to date with more articles like this then feel free to join our free newsletter, with details about a free competition and special offers too!


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