Blogfit #1 Introduction


What is Blogfit?

Welcome to the first blogfit post. A blog which is more personal filled with milestones, challenges and a more laid back perspective of fitness through my own eyes with a more fun less serious twist on the overwhelming fitness world!

This blog will run along side our current articles which are alot more serious and straight to the point. So if you are worried this is now the only content we will now make then this is not the case!

What’s my fitness background?

I’m no expert in fitness, just a huge infusiast! I’m a twenty one year old male from England who has been performing natural weight training from the ages of fifteen to twenty. However there was some bumps in the road through car crash injuries, falling off motorbikes and some real lack of mental will at times. So although I have trained for some time my results were never as good as I sometimes hoped for, with stopping and starting again through injury playing a big part in it.

What am I currently doing?

Although weightlifting has been a big part of my fitness journey, I’ve recently parted with that and have decided to try something new. And that new thing is Crossfit. Crossfit has many incredible reviews and also some pretty poor reviews (mostly from weightlifters) which made me very intrigued to find out more about this love, hate fitness group.

Crossfits definition is as states A high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise. This got my attention, as I’ve always been a fan of fitness and sport, but was never specifically amazing at just one sport. I was just good at all, but not great.

So the thought of mixing in cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and even Olympic weightlifting sounded too good to be true so I dropped my weights at the gym and headed straight to the nearest box (crossfit gym).

I’ve been currently doing crossfit for over a month now and I can easily say it was the best fitness related desicion of my life. Crossfit caters for every ability, which is a truly incredible thing! But just because you might be as fit as a fiddle, and having to work alongsides novices of different shapes and sizes, doesn’t mean you don’t get worked!

They will push you harder then you could possibly push yourself, if you are willing to put in the work. But also will give you all the help and technique work you could possibly ask for without being too soft on you. You will sweat buckets and ache for days but the progress you will make is mind blowing!

This is just an introduction into my fitness life giving you a quick insight of where I am in my own fitness journey and what I have been doing. In future Blogfit posts I will be doing challenges that you too could try and updates of my fitness journey along with some of my best and worst fitness moments.

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