Where to start in the overwhelming world of fitness?

The Fitness Industry today is unfortunatly a place full of crooks and money grabbing thieves flogging anything they can to make you feel like you’re heading on the right track. Although it feels all abit overwhelming with what works, what doesn’t and how much bang are you really getting for your buck with alot of products out there. Let’s just strip it all back and start from the basics and get you moving in the right direction!

There’s alot of talks about what diet works best, what fitness plan to approach and what supplements you need to reach your fitness goals. But most of these things come along gradually through your fitness journey if at all and only should be taken seriously when you’re ready for it.

To make real long term progress in the fitness world you have to be able to maintain a whole bunch of healthy habits. If these can’t be maintained consistently then progress will slump and your motive will slump even sooner. So how does a novice manage to pick up these healthy habits of workouts and healthy diets without it being an overwhelming procedure?

You must take it all back to the basics, forget your strict diet, and your overloading gym schedule. Forget buying those overpriced supplements and the very best running shoes you can get your hands on. And most importantly stop comparing your chapter 1 of your journey to somebody else’s chapter 11!

Try to make gradual changes for the better, so try having a serving of veg and fruit everyday. Don’t scare yourself with topics such as macro and micro nutrients just yet, Just try to get the basics down first and more complex things will follow and so will great results! If you’re new to the gym, don’t go too hard too early. Take your time, get your body and mind adjusted first and embrace the whole gym goers attitude. My advice would be to go twice a week and slowly build up your confidence until you feel that you’re ready to go more often; but all in your own time!

The Fitness world can be overwhelming sometimes with people telling you what’s the wrong and right way to do things. But just remember to start at your own pace and make sure you get the basics down first before you start moving onto the more complex things in the fitness world.

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